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Warriors of Rome (Warriors of Rome, #1-4) L.A. Witt

Warriors of Rome (Warriors of Rome, #1-4)

L.A. Witt

Published November 5th 2012
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 About the Book 

Ancient Rome, a hotbed of decadence and political intrigue, profoundly influenced our modern world and has maintained an enduring hold on our imaginations. Though the Empire has fallen, its stories remain.In this collection, weve gathered together two novels and two novellas that explore the breadth of the Roman Empire. From slave gladiators to senators, Roman sexuality to Roman politics, these stories reveal the lives and trials of those fighting for the Empire in one way or another—on the sands or in the villas, or even on the senate floor.In The Left Hand of Calvus, a gladiator sent undercover to another ludus must decide which master to betray.In He Is Worthy, a Bructeri slave and a Roman patrician make strange—and literal—bedfellows in the plot to assassinate Nero.In The City War, Senator Marcus Brutus must decide what hes willing to do for his lover—and for Rome. A stable boy with a secret and a leader-cum-tyrant push Brutus onto a path from which he can never return.In Mark of the Gladiator, a disfavored gladiator is bought to train a group of female warrior slaves for the arena. Thrust into the middle of a murder conspiracy, Anazâr must find a way to protect his charges—and his heart—from his new master and a patrician family feud.