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Broken Rules Jana Dee

Broken Rules

Jana Dee

ISBN : 9781418480516
256 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Cayla Brown is an ordinary, small-town woman in almost every way - Except, of course, when shes a man. . . The boys only club of rodeo rough-stock riding has been invaded - they just dont know it. Cayla and her alter-ego Caleb travel the rodeo circuit living a double-life and a double-lie. Love, humor and tragedy show up as unexpected guests during Caylas year on the rodeo circuit. As if life isnt complicated enough, enter J.T. Creviston, former World Champion Bull Rider and - Mr. Right with bad timing Travel, ride, laugh and cry with Cayla as she experiences life on the road as a professional bull rider, and as a man.