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A Lament of Moonlight (Harbingers of Light, #3) Travis Simmons

A Lament of Moonlight (Harbingers of Light, #3)

Travis Simmons

Published October 7th 2012
117 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

They say the shadow plague comes at night, carried into the realms by mindless darklings. They feed on innocence. They spread their plague of shadows through the land. They say there’s no cure for the shadow plague, except burning in the sacred fires.Since catching the shadow plague, Abagail Bauer is in danger of becoming a mindless darkling bent on the destruction of everything good and pure in the nine worlds. Joined by her sister who can divine the future and her neighbor Rorick Kueper, Abagail sets off across the Rainbow Bridge for help in learning to control the darkling magic poisoning her.Hunted by darklings, Abagail and her crew flee toward the Frozen North, the home of the frost giants. Will the harbingers of light rescue Abagail before the darklings overcome her group? Will she finally learn to control the sorcery of the shadow plague, or is she destined to become that which she fears most: a darkling?